Our wine

Red wine TERRASSES - Appellation PDO Ventoux
Currently, the estate only produces one cuvée of red wine per vintage.
To purchase wine directly from the estate: we are available in the evening or by appointment only. You can contact us by telephone on +33 (0)6 86 32 69 50 or +33 (0)6 67 33 76 03.

chambre avignon

Visual: deep, intense ruby red in colour.
Olfactory: Quite a complex, powerful nose, expressing notes of ripe red fruits (strawberries and blackberries) with subtle hints of liquorice and a touch of spice. Then, as the wine is aired, the bouquet evolves, taking on a new aromatic dimension, still dominated by delicious fruity notes.
Gustatory: The attack on the palate is frank, smooth and very well balanced. This generous, full-bodied wine has a beautifully elegant, silky tannic structure that supports the procession of flavours, and ensures good aromatic persistence.
Tip: Enjoy between 16 °C and 18 °C, as a perfect accompaniment either to red meats, whether grilled or in a sauce, or to a cheeseboard.
Conservation: Ideal for laying down, its quality will have reached its zenith after eight years of ageing. Cork stopper.
In stock: vintages 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The bottles are sold singly or in boxes of six.
Individuals: the price of a bottle is € 8 incl. VAT. Discounted prices on orders of three boxes or more.
Professionals: please contact me directly.